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» Dynamic Site Stats

» What is Dynamic Sitestats?

To run a successful web site, you need to know...

»Where are my web visitors coming from?
»What are they searching for?
»How are they using my site?

Get the information you need, including:

»Reliable web traffic reporting, live on the web
»Real-time traffic monitoring, 24 hours a day
»Reporting weekly and monthly traffic, by email

It's easy to use. Want to know more?

»See example stats reports  
»Read how Dynamic Site Stats works
»Reporting weekly and monthly traffic, by email

How Dynamic Sitestats works:

Dynamic Site Stats is a hosted web activity tracking solution.

Here's what this means:
»Hosted - the service is provided by our computers and databases  
»Web activity - people around the world reading your web site
»Tracking - we capture activity data in our stats databases
Solution - we deliver real-time and weekly web traffic reports to you.
To use Dynamic Site Stats, you need to:

»Sign up for a two week free trial
»Install 2 lines of HTML in your web pages

To make installation easy, we provide PC software to help you for free. Once you have installed our HTML tracking code in your web pages, Dynamic Site Statswill collect data every time someone visits your site. We use this data to provide you with detailed real-time, weekly and monthly web traffic reports.

» See Report Samples

Take a 2 weeks free trial of Dynamic Site Stats



Report Samples
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It's been great to have a reliable source of web activity information to deliver our key performance indicators. In addition, we've started to really understand how our web site is being used, and target our marketing effectively."

By Mat Ellis of
Tiscali UK

We are happy to outsource our web stats and resell them
to our customers in our own look-and-feel. It's saved us a great
deal of time and effort in managing an in-house solution."

by Alan Ferrari of
Metrodome Group

"We were never content with our stats until I found your product, Site-Stats. We've tried many stats but none of them were so user-friendly and complete."

By CEO of
Career Kangaroo

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