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What is Credit Puzzle?

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Puzzle is BBN Europe’s personal credit brand. A 100% online credit solution with the total security of a loan from a credible financial institution. In this article we give you to know the Puzzle credit and its potentialities.

An innovative product from BBN Bank

BBN Bank is a Portuguese-based bank that focuses on digital to develop its strategy to operate in the market. It intends to present itself as an innovative bank offering high value added services, so it is no surprise to bet on this innovative credit solution.

What products are available in the market?

An innovative product from BBN Bank

It is currently possible to access a credit directly at a bank branch or through the internet. However, the majority of processes have always associated bureaucracy, paperwork and human relationships. This whole process takes time, but also obliges to remunerate the services of the bank, which typically happens through higher interest rates and varied banking commissions.

For lower amounts there is currently a difficulty in the financial sector. As a rule, commissions charged by banks are fixed and do not take into account the value of the financing. This means that, whether you ask for a credit of € 1,000 or one of € 20,000 the commission to pay is the same. Now imagine a commission of € 150 on each of the credits … num represents 15%, in the other only 0.75%.

The alternative for low-value credits has been the credit card

Given the level of commissions and required bureaucracies, it is common for people to turn to credit cards for the sake of speed and cost (in the short term). The problem is that credit cards have very high interest rates (the highest on the market), which, in the long run, turns out to be quite penalizing and lead to situations of turmoil and financial problems.’

There is already a viable alternative in terms of cost

The alternative for low-value credits has been the <a href=

Puzzle presents a 100% online personal credit solution. This means that if you meet all the requirements of the bank, you have very fast financing (the money is available 24 hours after approval), even if you make your request in the evening. It wins quickly and costly because it allows the credit to have no commission on hiring. The bet, once again, is a differentiated offer based on technology.

In comparative terms, the Puzzle credit can be interesting for those who want up to € 5,000, for short term (maximum 48 months) and with immediate response (if using automatic processes). If you want higher amounts or longer term, you should look for other alternatives in the market.

A hint…

If you want to make this credit, you should know that you do not need to open an account at BBN Bank. However, BBN Bank also characterizes your offer for not charging account maintenance commissions and paying your current account, making it a good option to save your money.