13 best selling software tools in 2021

The fact of the matter is; sales are difficult. So why make it more difficult? There are literally thousands of software options out there that promise to make your life easier.

Of course, you don’t want to use just any old software. You want to use the best of the best. Read on to learn more about the best software apps for sales teams.

The best software tools for sales teams

Basis of application

As a B2B professional, you need to understand every organization you engage with. This is especially important when it comes to understanding the hierarchy of decision makers who approve purchases. Fortunately, Demandbase makes this easier by providing a suite of account-based sales solutions that pull in CRM information, match leads to accounts, measure engagement, provide prioritization account information, and enable marketing automation.


A streamlined account management strategy is essential to increase revenue. Revegy understands this and their app will provide insight into customer weaknesses, high value prospects, and ways to maximize business with large accounts. In this way, they provide teams with insight into leveraging the total value of customer relationships at all stages of the sales process. In addition, their software will help facilitate, automate, monitor and evolve account management processes.


The time it takes for sales reps to switch between their CRM and their phone system, back and forth between dialing and recording notes, is wasted time. Chorus eliminates this problem by automatically recording and transcribing sales conversations. This way, salespeople save time that they can then use to generate analysis and gain insight to make sales.


A smart meeting tool for sales teams, Demodesk provides a virtual display that requires no downloads and will automatically load the right documents and websites at the start of your meeting with potential clients. Plus, you can instantly share control with your customers so they can edit, collaborate, and navigate in real time without lag. Plus, this platform natively integrates with CRMs and calendars so you can schedule, transfer, and record meetings seamlessly.


Performance analysis is an important factor in the success of a sales team. This is where sales mapping software comes in. Maptive is a mapping program that allows you to plot location-based data, identify key trends, understand current accounts, and come up with strategies to target potential customers, as well as uncover hidden sales opportunities. . This app has a filter tool to help you find the exact data you need and segment your data based on key factors. It also allows you to create sales territories based on boundaries such as zip codes, counties, and states. Plus, it provides demographic tools to give you additional insight into your customer base. This mapping software also comes with heat mapping tool, route optimization tool and radius mapping tool.


Bit is a collaboration tool that makes it easy to create marketing and advertising materials through a common workplace. This platform allows sales teams to create, personalize and share sales propositions, sales materials, and customer-facing materials. Additionally, sales teams will receive notifications whenever a customer or prospect views the proposal. They’ll also get engagement metrics like how much time the prospect spent with the document, how far they scrolled, and how often they reopened the document.


Running a successful sales team requires top notch coaching and training. BrainShark provides tools to create on-demand training paths that accelerate the learning journey. Plus, it lets you create relevant content that team members can access whenever they need a reminder or extra motivation.


The contract management process can be time consuming; however, Conga’s software streamlines the way teams deal with reports, contracts, and other documents. This way, time is freed up to focus on customer engagement. In addition, this program allows you to remove bottlenecks and enforce compliance standards.


How your target audience responds to your message is crucial. That’s why Consensus gives you a way to learn how your prospects perceive and respond to your messages so you can properly align the conversation to better engage a lead. Plus, you can provide your prospects with personalized videos and documents.


Static images and words aren’t always as appealing as we’d like them to be. Therefore, if you really want to impress your prospects, you can consider using video. With Videolicious’s sales-oriented video app, it’s easy to create, edit, and share videos with prospects no matter where they are in the pipeline.

Hello sign

Bypass printers, scanners and pens using HelloSign’s popular electronic signature service. This software speeds up contract negotiation and signing process by keeping all your documents in the cloud. Additionally, this app has an intuitive user interface that you can customize to suit your workflow and integrate with your messaging platform, CRM, and other business software.


Close.io CRM comes with built-in call, email and SMS functionality. It also has a powerful search and filter feature that makes it easy for sales reps to track leads at the right time. Additionally, the app’s reporting features provide a view of the activity and performance of each salesperson as well as the entire team. You can also automate and connect Close.io with other apps.


Collective[i] stands for Collective Intelligence. It is designed for businesses that want to leverage various forms of AI / ML to drive revenue growth and improve productivity. This program uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate data collection in a CRM and ensure that contacts are kept up to date. It also provides intelligent daily forecasting, as well as collaboration tools that contain data-enriched insights on buyers, opportunity odds, and ways to accelerate sales cycles.

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