EasyKnock Acquires Cleardigs: Proprietary Software Management Tool for Residential Property Owners

an online portal to buy or sell a house without the need of a real estate broker, announces its acquisition of the assets of Cleardigs, which has a proprietary software management application for residential property owners and property managers.

The acquisition complements EasyKnock’s strategy to create a real estate market for owners, by owners, allowing users to buy and sell homes without the services of real estate brokers. The purchase also expands EasyKnock’s internal real estate ad management platform.

“EasyKnock continues to disrupt the real estate industry for the benefit of buyers and sellers with our acquisition of Cleardigs. The intellectual property we own puts us at the forefront of revolutionary change that will benefit consumers and the economy as a whole, ”said Jarred Kessler, CEO and co-founder of EasyKnock.

“Jarred and his team successfully executed Cleardigs’ original vision of creating a broker-less residential market, but they attacked a larger market and with more end-to-end tools. We hope that the intellectual property and experience of Cleardigs will accelerate their growth, ”said Justin Weiss, co-founder and CEO of Cleardigs.

About EasyKnock

Based in New York City, EasyKnock is changing the way people buy or sell real estate in the 21st century. With the freedom to connect directly instead of through a third party, EasyKnock empowers people by giving them greater control and access to buy or sell residential real estate on their own terms. EasyKnock is a direct – and free – way to list a home. Whether you are an active shopper or just curious and testing the waters, EasyKnock is here for you. For more information visit http://www.EasyKnock.com

About Cleardigs

Cleardigs provides a platform for building owners and managers to create automated email and SMS campaigns for specific residents through a real-time interactive dashboard.

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