OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.Announces New OrthoGrid Hip Software Application For Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement


The new OrthoGrid Hip features a comprehensive suite of new tools to enable orthopedic surgeons to execute their preoperative plans and achieve their surgical goals with greater precision and efficiency, including an overlay feature for surgeons who prefer a layering technique. OrthoGrid Hip now offers new cup tilt and version tools that allow orthopedic surgeons to target specific acetabular cup positioning and measure acetabular cup tilt and anteversion angles during setting. in place of the cup. In addition, the new OrthoGrid Hip allows surgeons to obtain precise measurements of leg length and hip offset to achieve the desired biomechanical alignment.

“I started using OrthoGrid Hip when the first generation came out a few years ago. The technology has allowed me to achieve constant hip symmetry without interfering with my surgical workflow or increasing my surgical or fluoroscopy times. I was looking forward to the new cup leg length measuring tools and features in this new release, ”says Cass Nakasone, MD, Bone and Joint Center Manager at Straub Clinic and Hospitals at Honolulu, HI and Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopedics, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

“OrthoGrid Hip’s ability to correct fluoroscopic distortion is key to building confidence in our intraoperative images, and its new calibration and measurement options for cup positioning, leg length and hip offset. will provide us with the real-time intraoperative data we need to achieve our alignment goals repeatedly in the operating room, ”says Jeremy Gililland, MD, associate professor of orthopedics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“We are delighted to release this latest version of our OrthoGrid Hip software,” says Richard boddington, co-founder and co-CEO of OrthoGrid. “The small footprint, non-invasive design, and great price make this an easy decision for hospitals and surgical centers as they seek to recover from this backlog of elective procedures created by the COVID-19 pandemic. “

For more information on OrthoGrid Hip or to request a software demonstration, visit www.OrthoGrid.com.

About OrthoGrid Hip
OrthoGrid Hip is image processing software indicated to aid in the positioning of total hip replacement components. It is intended to help accurately position the components of total hip replacement during surgery by measuring their positions relative to the bone structures of interest provided that the points of interest can be identified from the X-ray images. Clinical judgment and experience are required to properly use the device. The device is not intended for the primary interpretation of images. The software is not intended for use on mobile phones. Learn more at www.OrthoGrid.com.

About OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.
OrthoGrid, founded in 2012, provides intraoperative alignment technologies via procedure-specific musculoskeletal applications for THA, hip preservation and trauma. Its AI-based surgical guidance technology imports images of the arches to reveal fluoroscopic distortion and helps surgeons achieve desirable and reproducible surgical results. OrthoGrid is based at Salt Lake City, Utah, with research facilities located Strasbourg, france. Its technology is distributed in North America and Asia. Learn more at www.OrthoGrid.com.

SOURCE OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.

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