When to use rapid deployment of software applications

Software development (and deployment) is changing.

As software application development processes become a) more dynamically refined b) more compellingly driven towards the need for continuous development c) more continuously integrated and d) faster delivered – we are naturally seeing a overhaul of available application processes.

Concretely, it is not only a question of rapid development of applications (RAD), but also modules of solutions with rapid deployment.

Software companies are now producing deployment suites for specific industries.

SAP technology partner Rolta is targeting its OneView suite specifically for the process manufacturing and utility industries for rapid deployment.

These are solution modules preconfigured with operations, asset management and maintenance tools to “combine SAP (and non-SAP) software and content with software and services” from Rolta for a final solution.

Rolta says it will “quickly install” these OneView rapid deployment modules within a predetermined time, cost and scope of service.

TECHNICAL DEFINITION: Rapid deployment solutions are typically out-of-the-box combinations of preconfigured software with fixed-price implementation services, content, and so-called “end-user enablement” technology that have been specifically tailored to customers. industries or sectors of activity. Needs.

“[This type of solution is] designed to offer a fast and cost effective method to standardize processes and adopt the latest innovations with less risk of migration. The average lead time for a typical deployment is eight weeks or less, which helps customers reduce the cost of implementation and accelerate time to value, while retaining the flexibility to expand the solution based on individual needs. The company said in a press release.

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